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How To Solve The Slag Inclusion Phenomenon in The Ductile Iron Process? (2)

Jan 06, 2022

Preventive measures

(1) Control the composition of molten iron: try to reduce the sulfur content in molten iron (<0.06%), use low-sulfur graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer (S<0.05%), and add rare earth alloy (0.1%~ 0.2%) in order to purify the molten iron and reduce the silicon content and residual magnesium content as much as possible.

(2) Smelting process: Try to increase the temperature of molten metal from the furnace and properly sed, so as to facilitate the floating and accumulation of non-metallic inclusions. Pick up the slag on the surface of the molten iron, and put a covering agent (perlite, plant ash, etc.) on the surface of the molten iron to prevent the molten iron from oxidizing. Choose a suitable pouring temperature, preferably not lower than 1350℃.

(3) For the pouring system to make the molten iron flow smoothly, a slag collecting bag and a slag blocking device (such as a slag filter, etc.) should be provided to avoid sand washing in the sprue.

(4) The compactness of the mold should be uniform and the strength should be sufficient; the sand in the mold should be blown off when the box is closed.